Experience 97 – Immortal For Now & More

Immortality is the discussion on today’s experience as I dig a bit deeper into a subject that has mine and many other people’s attention as we get “smarter” and more “advanced” as a species. My 3rd full-lenght stand up comedy album is released today IMMORTAL FOR NOW is the name and I’m very excited to be splicing in clips of the new album into the discussion for those of you who may not be aware or familiar with my comedy. I hope you enjoy and we shall be back to regular one-on-one interviews starting next Friday. I would be remiss if I didn’t promote my livelihood on the mindcast, so hope you check it out and even buy the full album on iTunes or Amazon or wherever else. Please rate and review if so to help others find me. Thank you!


Quantum Immortality – 3rd Ear Bonus 42

Quantum Immortality and Quantum Suicide are concepts, thought experiments that first gained traction over 50 years ago. Is there a place for the mystical or metaphysical to be considered alongside quantum mechanics? Many well-known scientists of the past and currently are at odds over the relationship between the science of the mind and the body in regards to the fundamental laws of what makes the universe.

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