Destiny & Fate – 3rd Ear Bonus 33

Destiny and Fate are concepts that have long been partnered with the tales of our human history, in our folklore and persist today in many people’s ideas of what controls their lives. Are these concepts valid and if so, what affect can humans have on altering them? Are we as humans too far advanced in our own consciousness that we have invented or conceptualized these cosmic forces that in no way could actually exist? It is fun to think and talk about the idea that humans have destinies and that there is a cosmic hand guiding all of our individual actions.
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Experience 87 – A-LIVE interview w/ Karen Rontowski & Katie Manzella

A-Live interview with Karen Rontowski and Katie Manzella at Echoes Under Sunset. This was recorded in front of a very intimate live audience at a wonderful venue. I talk faeries, pet telepathy, and Karen surprises me with a cool Mothman gift. Katie gives me a quick overview of the crystals that I’ve been carrying around in my pocket after I describe all the paranormal and mystical hardware I am now have on me to protect me from bad spirits, Djinn, the darkness, etc. We had a really great time doing this live show and the 1st Wednesday of every month I will be welcoming at least 1 guest to join me on stage – if you’re in LA-area the show is FREE to attend. Pleas help spread the word by writing a review on iTunes!
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The Black Knight Satellite – 3rd Ear Bonus 32

The Black Knight Satellite was is reported to be still orbiting the Earth. Nikola Tesla received long radio pulses from space in 1899 and claimed they were coming from an unidentified alien source. The US and Russian governments reportedly became aware and worried about an unidentified satellite with a polar orbit before they had the technology to launch such devices. Is it all just a thermal blanket lost during an EVT?
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Experience 86 – Sara Benincasa, witchcraft & consequences of spells

My buddy and author Sara Benincasa chats with me about growing up fascinated with magic, spells, and the associations of evil with dark magic. Sara tells me about “mean” magic and how trying to control another person through the use of magic can have unintended consequences. How can magic be used in a positive way and what role does intention play in the outcome? What a fun talk and Sara is an endless well of interesting stories and information. Check out her new book DC Trip that comes out in November. – Virtual Store is OPEN
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Numerology – 3rd Ear Bonus 31

I try to dive into Numerology’s history and what it is and I get a bit distracted by my own numerology report that I end up figuring out through using the techniques of my name and my birthday. It is very interesting to think that numbers, the heart of mathematics and science can be looked at as having their own significant meaning and identity instead of just being used to try and find the significance and meaning of other things in ways of being measured or deduced. I am ever-more fascinated with letter and numbers the older I get and their relationship to one another and who it may differ depending on which language and alphabet you use. Numerology is definitely something I hope to continue to grow and understand more as the report I got was pretty damn accurate in many ways.
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Experience 85 – Shane Mauss Returns, Neuroscience & DMT Don’t Like That

Shane Mauss returns for a fun talk about neuroscience, what makes us tick, how we perceive the world, and when DMT does not like what how you’re doing it. Shane has a mind that is filled with so much knowledge as a seeker of truth, information, and knowledge. We may fall on opposite ends of the “belief” spectrum on a lot of things, but we never cease to learn something from each other each time we talk. I love having talks with brilliant minds who enjoy inquiry. Check out Shane’s fantastic podcast He We Are at
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Tulpamancy – 3rd Ear Bonus 30

Exploration of the old Tibetan Buddhist practice of Tulpamancy. Can we create, conjure, or manufacture a being from our minds that becomes sentient? If it is possible to create such a a being, a Tulpa, what happens when we must destroy it or when it becomes not what we hoped to create? Tulpas and the alleged creation of them have seen a resurgence due to the vast online communities that share information, old mystical practices, and 24 hour access to sacred texts and other histories. How has this practice evolved and what is being used for in the modern generation of those interested? (hat tip to Mike Collins for suggesting topic)
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