Morgan Le Fay & the Impact of Female Characters From Mythology – 3rd Ear Bonus 12

I discuss Morgan Le Fay and the impact of female characters from mythology on how and why women tend to be more drawn to the paranormal and open to discussing their experiences. Is there a collective consciousness built by the folklore of our collective civilizations that has made more closed off to the emotional and mystical sides of our existence? I believe so and talk about it a little bit here and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on it, as well.
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Experience 66 – Sharon Tenney, psychic medium

Sharon Tenney’s psychic experiences range from clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling). Many times she has “felt” or “seen” or “heard” voices and people in her readings. Sometimes they are mental images, and other times they are actual manifestations of spirit in the form of movies, literal touch, holographic images (spirits that look like what you see in Disneyland at the Haunted House), and actual voices, just as if someone is standing right there next to her. I discuss some of them with her and what it was like to discover these abilities.
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