Experience 53 – DMT Couch Sessions w/ Shane Mauss PART ONE

Here we go! Year two is off and running as my friend Shane Mauss joins me on the road to help guide me through my first experience smoking DMT. This is the first part of what will be a multi-part Experience and it is unlike any other I have done so far. Sit back and relax knowing that no matter how it sounds, everything works out beautifully in the end. Please join us on our journey experiencing and trying to explain it.

Experience 52 – The First Year Ends

We have made it through one full year of Experiences with great talks, new friends, and wonderful insights about life and ourselves (at least myself, anyway). I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. My buddy who is part-time producer of the mindcast, Alex Stein, has selected a few clips from the first year for me to give a little hindsight on as we gear up for the launch of Year Two. There are some exciting things in store for next year and this is fun way to end the first one. 52 is a great number and what better way to have 52 be 52? Thank you for helping me make this the best year of my life.

Experience 51 – Michael Casey, magician & premonitions

Magician Michael Casey talks with me via the mindline about how a near-death experience led him to a life of magic. We also talk about hypnosis, premonitions, coincidences, and how science and magic share the same worlds.

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Experience 49 – Chad Singer, giants & underground bases on Mars

My older brother joins me for a candid talk about his origins as a believer in the paranormal, giants in Afghanistan, living on Mars, and much, much more. Listen to a man speak who knows me in a way only an older brother can.

*Correction: my brother and I during conversation couldn’t remember the Hangar # rumored to be where the alien craft from the Roswell craft was transported and it is Hangar 18, not Hangar B.

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