Graham Hancock Banned TEDtalk about Consciousness

Please if you have 18 minutes take some to watch and listen to this TED talk by Graham Hancock. It has been banned as psuedoscience or for other reasons and that is too bad in my opinion. I find it happening a lot that people are ascribed to the Science Delusion that Rupert Sheldrake speaks about – becoming dogmatic in science. It is definitely more fun to believe and potentially very life-changing if carefully considered. Please enjoy…

Experience Seventeen – Rhiannon Houch, synesthesia & claircognicance

I get to talk to one of the first guests of the mindcast, also someone who is largely responsible for introducing me to more than a few of the other guests that I have been lucky enough to meet – Rhiannon Houch.  We get much deeper into synesthesia than anticipated and had a great time thinking and discussing it.  What are the effects of psychedelic drugs on one’s ability to tap into their empathic or other abilities?  What are the origins of empaths? We talk a bit about that, too.


Experience Sixteen – Jeff Hutchinson, life saving premonitions

My long-time friend and creative collaborator, Jeff Hutchinson sit down and discuss how he has had feelings and dreams that have saved his life. We’ve known each for years and this is the first time we talked about these things and it was really great and fascinating. Link to his work here: Jeffrogee Films

Chris Robinson –