Experience Five with the Indigo Children – Lauren Brenner & Katie Manzella

It is always a pleasure to sit down, hang out with, or generally exist in the same space as two of my favorite women, the Indigo Children. Sometimes you meet people and you are instant friends for the rest of your life and that is how it has been between us. I hope you enjoy the talk about UFOs, what it means to live life a warrior of light, and the Pleiadian realm. I’m certain you will love Lauren and Katie as much as I do.

Experience Three with Rhiannon Houch, intuitive reader

I hope that you are enjoying the mindcast and if you are, I would like to thank you.  If this is you deciding whether or not to give it a try, I know the world of digital audio is crowded and sifting through it to find project worth your time can be difficult. If you find time to listen to mine, that is valuable to me. Rhiannon is a remarkable woman with amazing gifts and I am sure you will agree almost instantly upon listening to her.

Experience Two with Erika Russ, precognition dreams

I have been in mad love with two women in my life.  The first was named Erika Russ.  My experiences with her and her beautiful mind and spirit have forever changed me for the better in more ways than I can express here.  I am so excited to share this talk with you about her precognition in the dreamworld.

You can read her beautiful writings, some of which are dreamworld inspired here http://victoriaolivia.wordpress.com/